Apprenticeship Resources Library

New Entry works in partnership with commercial farms and organizations coordinating apprenticeships and other on farm learning opportunities across the country to build an active learning network for Ag Apprenticeships.

This network is designed to disseminate educational resources through websites, broad outreach, webinars, a technical assistance referral network, posting to listservs/social media, sharing through the BFRDP clearinghouse and diverse beginning farmer service provider networks.

Our physical library at our offices in Beverly, MA contains books, CD's, DVD's periodicals, pamphlets, and videos in English, Spanish, Hmong, and Khmer.

If you have a resource you would like include here, contact

DGA Ed Coordinator Training

Resource Type: 

Curriculum, Educational Partnerships, Registered Apprenticeships

Helping our Masters be good trainers and mentors. From Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA)

DGA Generations Tip Sheet

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Curriculum, Hosting and Employment, Program Development, Registered Apprenticeships

Bridging the Generations Differences between you and your Apprentice. Tip sheet from Dairy Grazing Aprenticeship (DGA)

DGA Job Book - Excerpts

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Curriculum, Registered Apprenticeships

The development of a registered Apprenticeship is based on a DACUM (or Developing a Curriculum), a formal process for defining skills and knowledge needed to be considered competent for a skilled occupation.

DGA Leadership Styles Tip Sheet

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Communication, Curriculum, Hosting and Employment, Registered Apprenticeships

Leadership Styles: The example we set for our Apprentice. Tip sheet from Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA)

DGA Safety on the Farm Tip Sheet

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Hosting and Employment, Registered Apprenticeships

Safety on the farm: Getting your Apprentice started with good safety habits. Tip sheet from Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA)

DGA: Adult Learner Tip Sheet

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Hosting and Employment, Program Development, Registered Apprenticeships

Thoughts on teaching adult learners from Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship (DGA)

Emotional Intelligence Exercises

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Communication, Program Development

The Emotional Intelligence Exercises prepared by Positive Psychology provide worksheets and space for folks to improve their emotional intelligence. These exercises include increasing emotional awareness, and critically analyzing beliefs behind emotions.

Employment Law for the Farm: Q & A Webinar

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Farm Labor Laws / Legal

Please join New Entry Sustainable Food Project and the Legal Food Hub for Employment Law for the Farm: Q & A Webinar. As the farming season begins, do you have last minute questions about the legal implications of your farm apprentice program? Do you have questions about the agricultural exemption from minimum wage? Wondering whether you need to worry about overtime or what records you need to keep about your farm employees this summer? Join our webinar to ask your employment law questions to a leading expert in Massachusetts.

Feedback and Assessment

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Communication, Feedback and Assessment

The Feedback and Assessment sheet compiled from various resources by Julie Sullivan, NAP Founding Mentor of the Quivira Coaltion, gives tools and tips for how and when to provide feedback, and various information regarding what is good feedback, and what to expect when giving feedback.