Farm Employment

For Farm Employment Seekers:

Farm Employment Directory 

To learn about the farms that are hiring, check out our Farm Employment Directory (pdf). The directory is organized by county and contains basic information for each farm (contact info, acres, products, etc.) as well as information about the type of employment typically offered and how and when to apply. It also offers tips for calling farmers and additional farming resources. We strive to update the Farm Employment Directory each winter and release it in the spring; the downloadable PDF available at the link above was last updated and released March 2017. New Entry also has limited print copies available at our office and at various outreach events we attend.

Farm Employment Listserves 

If you are searching for employment, there are several listserves that allow farms and nonprofits to post for available positions. We have listed some of these below. Click on the link to subscribe to the listserve.

  • EMass CRAFT: Eastern MA farms post jobs and discuss other farm topics including equipment, regulations, service providers, events, and more. 
  • Comfood Jobs: National listserve for community food related jobs of all kinds.
  • Boston Food Systems: Boston area food system jobs, events, and community discussions.
  • New England Food: New England area food system jobs, events, and community discussions.

Farm Employment Websites 

Let us know how your job search went! We would like to hear about your job searching experience and receive your feedback on how we can improve our employment resources. Please take a moment to complete our short Job Seeker Evaluation. Good luck in your job search!


To Post Farm Employment:

Farm Employment Directory and Farm Employment Map 

Are you looking for crew members or apprentices on your farm? Let us help you! Through our Farm Employment Directory, we connect graduates from our farmer training programs and other individuals looking for agricultural work with employment opportunities on farms throughout Massachusetts. Complete this Farm Employment Directory survey, and we will add your farm’s employment opportunities to the Farm Employment Directory. Please note that both of these resources will be updated limitedly (annually for sure, quarterly at best).

Producers who have previously been listed in the Farm Employment Directory, we would like to receive your feedback on how we can improve this service to farms like yours. Please take a moment to complete our Prospective Employer Evaluation.

Farm Employment Listserves and Websites

Please see the listserves and websites listed above for places to post your farm employment listings.