Lessons and Workshops

Brassica Care

Presentation by New Farms for New Americans that outlines basics of the Brassica family including specific crops, how and when to plant, and common pests and diseases.

Organic Production and Soil Management

Presentation on the basics of soil management, including soil fertility, mangagement practices, pests and diseases, and information on organic versus conventional agriculture.

Making a Market Plan

Lesson plan from New Lands Farm's winter training series. Outlines the benefits of a farm business market plan and identifies where and how to sell farm products.

Market Plan Presentation

A presentation that outlines the basics of establishing a market plan and farm plan, including suggested outlets and strategies.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Basics

A presentation put together by the Association of Africans Living in VT that outlines the basics of community supported agriculture (CSA) and how to start one.


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