Business Planning

Profitability and Cost of Production


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This is a resource designed to introduce some key concepts to farmers familiar with basic production and marketing strategies: profit, revenue, profitability, cost of production, and enterprise budgets. The key takeaway is this: to make money, you need to make informed decisions about how much it actually costs to produce a crop. By working through several examples of costs of producing various crops, farmers can start to assess which crops are easiest to grow, highest grossing, and have the most potential for highest net profit.

9.19.17 // 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Fieldtrip Workshop: Selling to Schools

Tour a diversified vegetable and livestock farm while learning from Farm Manager, Andrew Rodgers, how selling to local schools fits into his farm’s crop and marketing plans. Learn about the necessary steps that must be taken to sell wholesale and the challenges of selling to institutions. Simca Horwitz from Massachusetts Farm to School will also be there to help take you through the process of connecting with local schools, and to help you decide if it is a good fit for you and your farm.

8.19.17 // 11:30am to 1:00pm

CANCELLED: Fieldtrip Workshop: Selling at Farmers Markets

Come out to a highly successful farmers market to hear from Jeff Cole of Mass Farmers Markets speak about how to gear up to sell at farmers markets, including which permits are needed, food safety issues, fees and liability. You will also hear from Kate Canney of the The Neighborhood Farm. She will address how farmers markets fit into her farm’s overall marketing scheme, what equipment and how much time is needed, and how to best sell directly to customers.

Sample Harvest and Sales Log

Use these record keeping templates to help keep track of your harvests and your sales.  These records are useful for keeping up-to-date records of income for applying for loans and/or grants.  They also can be used for traceability and food safety plans on your farm.  

March 2017 Farming Smarter Workshop with Richard Wiswall


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Richard Wiswall, author of The Organic Farmer's Business Handbook, presents techniques for good recordkeeping skills to keep your farm on track with less effort.

An Intro to FSA's Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP)


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2017 Farm Business Planning Course Presentation: A brief introduction to how the USDA can help beginning farmers through their NAP program. 


2017 April Workshop: Creating Your Cabbige Account


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Jessica Angell, founder of Cabbige, discusses how to keep record-keeping simple, focus on your farm, and make the most of the data you collect. Topics covered will include: technologies that make record-keeping simple and useful, what data to focus on and how to use it, and how data analysis can improve your profitability. 

Learn more about Cabbige at

Risk management and Insurance

Provides information on risk management including why farming is risky, ways to handel risk, types of insurance, and product liability insurance as well as other related information. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Advanced Business Plan Check List

Provides a checklist for creating a business plan for farmers. Sections include: description of business, paroduct/service, market, competition, product development plan, sales plan, and other sections. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur

Advanced Business Plan

This document provides an outline for a business plan including client profiles, business, market and competition, financial information and projections, operation and management plan, and business organization. Advanced. Other keywords: Finance, Entrepreneur


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