Organic Farming

Good Bug Bad Bug

Powerpoint presentation for farmers on how to identify and control for different good and bad bugs.  North East.  English Level: Beginning. Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: low/moderate.  Key Words: pests, beneficials.

Class Outline - Wholesale, Certified Organic, and advertising

Word document class outline of activities and presentations on a class related to different marketing techniques.  Focus on wholesale transactions with an emphasis on how to specialize in certain markets. All regions. English Level: Advanced. Farming Level: Advanced. Literacy Level: High. Keywords: Class Outline - Wholesale, Certified Organic, and advertising

GYOG Resources 2011 - MOFGA's Workshop

PDF outline of resources for farmers and trainers.  Includes a sample powerpoint presentation about organic farming and pest management, a check list to identify pests and lists places to find helpful resources and seed companies.  English Level: Developing (intermediate).  Farming Level: Beginning.  Literacy Level: Moderate/Semi.

Organic Pest Management Basics

Presentation includes the basic principles of organic pest management as well as illustrates the differences between good and bad bugs.

Organic Production and Soil Management

Presentation on the basics of soil management, including soil fertility, mangagement practices, pests and diseases, and information on organic versus conventional agriculture.


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