Production Skills

Canning 101, Arabic Translation

Arabic translation of Canning 101 handout: basic canning instructions adapted from Ball, outlining the steps to safely store high acid foods, like sauce, jam, and chutney: boiling jars of food to remove air, preventing spoilage and food-borne illness.

Production Basics: Seeding

Brief presentation from New Farms for New Americans that outlines best practices for starting seedings, including methods and crop and region specifics.

Lettuce, Salad Mix, Scallions, Cilantro

Presentation on lettuce, salad mix, scallions, and cilantro: planting methods, variety, challenges, and harvest.

Eggplants, Onions, and Green Beans

Best practices for growing eggplants, onions, and green beans, three popular Vermont grops being grown for wholesale accounts.

Tomato Care

Guide from New Farms for New Americans that outlines basics of growing tomatoes, including: varieties, seeding, spacing, and common problems.

Brassica Care

Presentation by New Farms for New Americans that outlines basics of the Brassica family including specific crops, how and when to plant, and common pests and diseases.

Spreadsheet of How to Plant Vegetables

Instructional spreadsheet on how to plant vegetables. Includes plant spacing, whether to transplant or direct seed, and spacing.

Vegetable Identification

An illustrated guide of common vegetables grown and eaten in Vermont.

Vegetable Flash Cards

Vegetable flash cards with vocabulary and pictures, from the Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program curriculum.

Plain Language Guide to Starting a Value Added Food Business

Are you looking for easy-to-follow directions regarding how to make money through processing your produce? This Value Added Processing Guide is written in Plain Language, and will help you with:

•Processing Raw Fruits and Vegetables in to a Finished Product that You Can Sell
•Packaging Your Value Added Products


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